Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.16: Hextech-sized Meta Changer

Patch 9.16 will be another test for Teamfight Tactics players and their ability to adapt to metagame shifts with the introduction of the new Hextech origin. As expected in the early releases of any modern multiplayer game intended to be competitive, the initial patches not only have significant impacts to the metagame, but they also can be significant enough to redefine how the game itself is played.

Four Hextech champions are expected to be released with the new patch from Riot: Camille, Jayce, Vi, and Jinx.

Hextech Origin Bonuses

Currently, the anticipated bonuses from the Hextech involve disabling enemy items on the board at random. With two Hextech champions, two items will be disabled at random from the opponent’s boarded champions. The number of disabled items increase to four at the next breakpoint.

  • (2) Disable 2 random items on the enemy’s board at the start of combat.
  • (4) Disable 4 random items on the enemy’s board at the start of combat.

How does Hextech impact the current meta-game?

Early game economics and gold management may help your early and mid-games, but items can be the difference maker between winning it all our falling out of the top four.

The Hextech origin specifically aims to tackle how unstoppable specific itemizations can become. We have all been there, fighting against a three-star Gunslinger/Blademaster Tristana with Blade of the Ruined King, Cursed Blade, and Red Buff. Or maybe you drew a player that was going for a fully stacked Volibear. Either way, itemizations and a few lucky rolls can create a seemingly unstoppable composition purely based on RNG.

For a given round, players can pick up anywhere from one to three fully built items – combined pairs of individual items, which means that players can easily end up around six to ten combined items by the end of a five-round game.

With a four-Hextech board, players now can reduce the overall number of opponents items anywhere from 40 to 70 percent of the opponents’ inventory on the board (assuming items get combined).

Another option is that opponents begin stacking singular items on a variety of champions. For example, instead of completing combination of items, players may keep a Tear of the Goddess or B. F. Sword in order to increase the overall total number of items. This would be a very specific way to battle against a Hextech composition, but it would in theory be possible.

The addition of Hextech may be a foreshadow to potential item drop rate increases. We’ll see if ultimately Riot wants to go that direction, but more itemization and customization creates a larger skill gap that may be useful to offset the RNG impacts of the game.

Introducing the four new Hextech champions

When Patch 9.16 is released, Teamfight Tactics should expect four new champions to be added to the Teamfight Tactics rotation. Don’t be surprised to see the following champions in your first post-patch carousels.

Tier 1 – Camille (Blademaster / Hextech)

Camille will be Blademaster that you can pick up right off the bat as the game starts. Camille has an ability known as Hextech Ultimatum where she roots and damages her current target, and team champions may also pick up aggro against the target if they are in range.

Image result for jayce league of legends

Tier 2 –  Jayce (Shapeshifter/Hextech)

Cost two gold, Jayce can push back an enemy when at melee range. Like in the traditional game, Jayce can transform his hammer into a cannon and become a ranged unit – hence getting the Shapeshifter tag in Teamfight Tactics. When he uses his abilities Thundering Blow or Transform Mercury Cannon, Jayce picks up increased attack speed.

Image result for vi league of legends

Tier 3 –  Vi (Brawler/Hextech)

Vi joins the Hextech gang as a three-cost Brawler. Her skill, called Assault and Battery, enables Vi to target the furthest enemy and lunge towards them, knocking aside everyone else along that path. Upon arrival of her target, she will knock up the target into the air for a brief stun.

Image result for jinx league of legends

Tier 4 –  Jinx (Gunslinger/Hextech)

Finally, Jinx rounds up the Hextech champions as the most expensive champion of the group. The tier-four gunslinger instantly becomes the most expensive gunslinger outside of Ms. Fortune. Jinx has an ability called “Get Excited” where she receives increased attack speed after finishing off an opposing champion. After the second champion take-down, she begins dealing AOE damage with her fishbone shots.

These champion breakdowns are reflective of what is available in the current Public Beta Environment (PBE) and may change when the 9.16 patch hits live servers.

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