Teamfight Tactics: Item Duplication Bug Patched

A very critical bug has been patched on the recently released Teamfight Tactics game mode that has been available on the North American League of Legends client since June 26, 2019. An issue with how the game client handle items allowed players to duplicate the “class items” that result from a combination with the spatula.

If you drag the item to a champion of that class (for example Knight to Knight) and you can catch the item mid-air. When done quick enough, players would notice a change in cursor appearance that simulated having an item, without actually having one visible. The “invisible” item would then float to the bench and appear as a duplicate.

According to RiotHjarta on Reddit, the item duplication bug was fixed using a micropatch that was able to fix the issue live on the servers.

Hey everyone.

Thanks to all the devs that helped figure this out this late in the evening, we have micropatched a fix to live!
Please note that we also added an extra layer of difficulty for making this even possible: If you place a x-trait item to x-trait champion more than three times, the champion will equip the item. This is to make it harder to even attempt the duplication on top of our fix.
I’d love to explain further why this happens, but since it’s an exploit and giving information out could be used nefariously. Sorry to any curious minds out there.

Thanks for the patience ya’ll.

P.S: If you ever see anyone pull this off again, please let me know!

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